The Final Chapter

My final day of vacation started with me eating a “breakfast” of croissants and donuts because that’s what the hotel provided. I left the hotel and headed east towards the Fisherman’s Wharf. I took Lombard Street, also known as the “Crookedest Street in the World”.

Not a great picture, but toward the middle top you can see the windy turns of Lombard Street

At the Fisherman’s Wharf I went to Pier 39 where I got ice cream, looked around, got a few pressed pennies and watched the end of this guy’s show. The amount of coordination and balance he has is very impressive.

Carousel at Pier 39

From Pier 39 I went to the Ghirardelli Square, bought some chocolate, ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant, walked around and then just laid in the grass for a bit. Vacation was wrapping up, but I was ready for it to. Two weeks was long and I was just worn out at that point.

Beach view of Bay Bridge
Mmmm… Chocolate…

After the square I went to hotly anticipated Cable Car Museum. This place was actually really cool and interesting to learn about the cable cars that travel around the city.

Cable car replica

Lastly, I went to Twin Peaks to get an overview of the city. It was pretty cool, but I was there only a short time because I was ready to go home. After that I drove to the airport.

That city view

Overall, JetBlue was a really good experience. Their WiFi was okay and they had movies/tv/music on both planes I was on. I made it home safe and sound with my dad and his girlfriend there to pick me up.

Going home

Things I learned:

Don’t waste a day going to Milwaukee, it wasn’t worth it

Buses and trains really aren’t that bad, the people on buses are more shady for sure. Just keep to yourself, but don’t isolate yourself, that’s when people will try to hit you up for money.

When people do ask for money, tell them “I’m broke”. I guess this can’t apply to everyone, but it can for me because I look like a teenager. Apparently this phrase is more likely to get people to leave you alone than telling them “no”, because that could imply you still have money to take.

It’s fun not to have everything planned out, but rather just ideas of things you may want to do. It was nice being on my own schedule and not booking a lot of things besides travel in advance.

Don’t wait too long to look for hotels though, or else you will get stuck in a very sketchy, gross hotel that may possibly get rented out by the hour…. Yikes.

Pack light, you can always buy things later if needed.

Stay away from renting huge trucks to drive in the mountains.

Have offline entertainment ready for if in case it doesn’t work on bus/train.


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