San Fran and the Big Bridges

I drove to San Francisco, saw some tall grass and windmills on the way. I passed through Oakland on the highway and crossed the Bay Bridge. I had to pay a $6 toll, which I thought was really expensive, but apparently that was the charge for peak hours.

Approaching the Bay Bridge
Driving the Bay Bridge

I rolled into city, found some overpriced street parking and grabbed a bite to eat. From there I struggled as to what I wanted to do. I decided on the cable car museum, figuring that would be interesting and it was close by. Only problem was that it closed in an hour.

I got back to my car and started my way there. It was only a 15 minute drive with traffic. My first mistake: parked in a parking garage a little bit away and started walking just to realize it is a ridiculous uphill slope to the museum. Second mistake: went to back to car and tried to find closer parking. This resulted in failure and me deciding to give up on the museum because it was now closed. 

After feeling frustrated by the driving situstion, I saw I was close enough to Full House house. I loved the show as a kid and I enjoy the Netflix spinoff, so this was a key stop I needed to make.

🎵 “everywhere you look” 🎵

From there, I decided to hit the beach. When I got to the beach my expectations were shattered. It was cold! Did not expect that at all. It was maybe mid-60s, but then throw in the wind and it was just not what I expected at all. I stayed for only a while and booked a ticket to see the Secret Improv Society later that night.

Ocean Beach

I had a few hours to burn before the show so I went to the Golden Gate Bridge. It worked out great because the sun was setting at that time. 

Sunset near Golden Gate Bridge
Im surprised I didn’t get more dirty looks in this hoodie
Golden Gate Bridge

The show was okay. For those who really know me I tend to laugh at almost anything. These guys were just not that funny. They had their moments, but not too many.

I went to bed after the show knowing vacation was coming to a close.