Beach Day!

*This post was written on Thursday, but because I had no WiFi so I posted it early Friday morning.

I returned the bike rental and jumped on a bus to take me to Santa Monica Beach. It took a while because traffic is bad in Los Angeles, but after almost an hour we made it. 

The beach was great. I walked on the pier real quick, saw some groovy musicians like this one below (I would not be surprised if he pulls in $100K+ a year the way people constantly flocked to him).

I walked the beach, found a spot in the sand, and plopped myself down. I laid around for around three and a half hours. I put some sunscreen on, but I still got burnt in places I failed to cover.

I headed south towards Venice Beach. When I got to the boardwalk I regretted not going there earlier and spending more time there. There was a ton of activity. Skaters in the skate park, volleyball on the beach, merchants everywhere selling art, shirts and whatever else. My favorite was the street performers below. They put on a good show, but then they also spent a lot of time asking for money. 

I thought it was so cool that I was on Ocean Avenue from the song.

After the show I was in a rush because I had purchased tickets to the Comedy Store again and the show was at 8:30. I took a quick on the beach and got an Uber which took some time.

The comedy show was funny. About the same as the show I saw the night prior. What caused me to go back was that David Spade and Joe Rogan were in this show. Joe Rogan was pretty good, but I expected David Spade to be funnier than he was.

As the show was wrapping up I got really tired again so I headed out to a nearby IHOP. I hadn’t eaten since 10a that morning so I was hungry. I checked my Greyhound app to learn that my 12:35a bus was an hour late. Blah.

I took another Uber to the Greyhound station and got lectured on proper Uber etiquette and how not to get robbed. When I walked into the Greyhound station I was shocked at how normal the people were. I was kind of expecting it to be the worse yet, but there were very few sketchy-looking people.

The bus ride to Fresno was fine. The problem is I missed my connection to head towards Yosemite so I had to pick up another bus that was later. 


The Truth About Hollywood

Once arrived at the train station I took the Metro bus to West Hollywood where my hotel was. As I looked out the bus window I couldn’t believe how rundown and ugly the city looked. Not that there were boarded up buildings or anything, but it just wasn’t the glamorous city I was used to seeing on TV. One of my Uber drivers said that that wasn’t the first time he had heard one of his customers say that. 

There is however a lot of homeless people. They camp out everywhere. Again, something I wasn’t expecting.

I got off the bus and walked to my hotel. On my way I passed Canter’s and I stopped in for a sandwich. It was nothing special and actually kind of dry.

Once I got to my hotel I sat pool side and tanned because my room was not ready. The room itself was really nice and clean looking.

After I got settled I figured it would be easier and more cost effective to get around using a bike. So I walked to a nearby rental shop near my hotel and rented a bike for a mere $35 for 24 hours. 

I decided to go to the observatory because I knew there was a good view of the Hollywood sign from there. However, I believe that I was over ambitious and I definitely underestimated the elevation that I was dealing with. 

The observatory was a nightmare to get to. By the time I did get there I was a gross sweaty, sunburned mess. The place was also packed so that didn’t help anything. However, I did get my picture and I looked around just a bit. I was surprised to see the fog/smog that covered the city.

On my way back, I briefly stopped at a relative of friends (stranger to me). She was very hospitable and once she saw how sunburned I was she even gave me sunscreen.

Wrong direction dufus

I took the scenic route and rode down Hollywood Blvd. I didn’t see many names I knew, but I did get my picture with Mark Wahlberg’s star on the Walk of Fame. I also rode down Sunset Blvd. And maybe I just was not in the right place on the street, but it looked like crap as well.

Marky Mark

I went swimming for a bit after getting back to my hotel and I also booked a ticket to the Comedy Store. They had this show called the Original Room where they advertise 16 headliners in one night (went from 9p-2a). I personally did not recognize any of the names, but it seemed like a good time.

The show was really funny and while it was dirty, they mostly stayed away from pervertedness and humor I don’t care for, which I much appreciated. I stayed until 12:30a and I was at a point where I could barely keep my eyes open. I Ubered back and hit the hay quickly. 
Today I woke up later than I wanted, so I rushed down the street to get to the nearby laundromat (the only thing I didn’t like about this hotel was no laundry). While doing my laundry, I grabbed breakfast at the diner next to my hotel which was really good.

Now all I have to go do is return the bike and take the bus down to the beach.