San Fran and the Big Bridges

I drove to San Francisco, saw some tall grass and windmills on the way. I passed through Oakland on the highway and crossed the Bay Bridge. I had to pay a $6 toll, which I thought was really expensive, but apparently that was the charge for peak hours.

Approaching the Bay Bridge
Driving the Bay Bridge

I rolled into city, found some overpriced street parking and grabbed a bite to eat. From there I struggled as to what I wanted to do. I decided on the cable car museum, figuring that would be interesting and it was close by. Only problem was that it closed in an hour.

I got back to my car and started my way there. It was only a 15 minute drive with traffic. My first mistake: parked in a parking garage a little bit away and started walking just to realize it is a ridiculous uphill slope to the museum. Second mistake: went to back to car and tried to find closer parking. This resulted in failure and me deciding to give up on the museum because it was now closed. 

After feeling frustrated by the driving situstion, I saw I was close enough to Full House house. I loved the show as a kid and I enjoy the Netflix spinoff, so this was a key stop I needed to make.

🎵 “everywhere you look” 🎵

From there, I decided to hit the beach. When I got to the beach my expectations were shattered. It was cold! Did not expect that at all. It was maybe mid-60s, but then throw in the wind and it was just not what I expected at all. I stayed for only a while and booked a ticket to see the Secret Improv Society later that night.

Ocean Beach

I had a few hours to burn before the show so I went to the Golden Gate Bridge. It worked out great because the sun was setting at that time. 

Sunset near Golden Gate Bridge
Im surprised I didn’t get more dirty looks in this hoodie
Golden Gate Bridge

The show was okay. For those who really know me I tend to laugh at almost anything. These guys were just not that funny. They had their moments, but not too many.

I went to bed after the show knowing vacation was coming to a close.


Yosemite and the Never-Ending Winding Road

My adventures continued as I got off my connection bus in Oakhurst, CA. I stopped at…you know where… Denny’s of course. After I ate I had Enterprise pick me up.

Last bus ride! Woohoo!
Oakhurst, CA

When I got to Yosemite I was greeted with this view. It was incredible! I took a few pictures and continued to make my way to Yosemite Village. After 45 minutes of fighting through traffic, construction, frustration, and wrong turns I finally found an illegal parking spot.

This’ll wake you up

I started walking around, trying to figure out exactly where I was and how to get anywhere. I asked several workers for directions and finally decided to work my way to Yosemite Falls. 

On the way to Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls – I don’t know who that is.

After Yosemite Falls I caught a shuttle bus that was going to the other side of the Village to Vernal Falls, a few miles away. We made it about a mile before we got stuck in traffic. At that point we we were almost at a standstill so got out and walked. The path to get to bridge trailhead was about .8 miles, but it was almost all uphill. I don’t know if I feel it was worth it, it might have been more worth it if I went to the top of the falls. However, I didn’t go because by that point I was tired and knew I would probably have to walk all the way back to the village, which I did. In fact, traffic was so bad I passed the cars trying to get out while walking.

Bottom of Vernal Falls – too lazy to go to the top
So casaul
More views
Yosemite Falls from distance

By the time I got to my car it was already almost 6:00, but I wanted to see Glacier Point. I looked it up on my phone and it was an hour drive… Once I got away from the traffic I speed up there not knowing when the road to get up there closed. It was very winding and almost all uphill.

Through the woods we go

I reached the top with relief, not looking forward to the drive down. The view was spectacular, indescribable. I stayed for a while to watch the sunset, but I left around 8:30 for fear of being tired, which I was.

From Glacier Point
My hair looks gross
More sunset

I popped a caffeine pill knowing it was going to be a long way down. Little did I know…

It took forever! The road was so windy, and there seemed to be no end in sight. God sustained me though and I never felt tired. It was a good thing because my resting choices were limited. 

I drove for roughly two and half hours. It was the most adventurous drive of my life as I made my west towards San Francisco. Two-lane, curvy, windy road, pitch black in the woods, with possibility of a bear popping out at any time (numerous signs warning me). The one area was downhill and so curvy the speed limit was 20mph. It was cool to see the elevation markers every once in a while. I started at over 6100 ft and slowly made my way down over the trek to where the last marker I saw was at 2000 ft.

On the way down

I stopped at Denny’s. Called a few nearby hotels and crashed at a Best Western Plus. Woke up, ate breakfast, drove a little further and saw Spiderman (how could I not?). It was great! And it was cheaper in California than if I were to have seen it at home (go figure). Now I sit in the movie theater parking lot finishing this post. Next stop is somewhere in San Francisco. Still gotta figure that out.

The Truth About Hollywood

Once arrived at the train station I took the Metro bus to West Hollywood where my hotel was. As I looked out the bus window I couldn’t believe how rundown and ugly the city looked. Not that there were boarded up buildings or anything, but it just wasn’t the glamorous city I was used to seeing on TV. One of my Uber drivers said that that wasn’t the first time he had heard one of his customers say that. 

There is however a lot of homeless people. They camp out everywhere. Again, something I wasn’t expecting.

I got off the bus and walked to my hotel. On my way I passed Canter’s and I stopped in for a sandwich. It was nothing special and actually kind of dry.

Once I got to my hotel I sat pool side and tanned because my room was not ready. The room itself was really nice and clean looking.

After I got settled I figured it would be easier and more cost effective to get around using a bike. So I walked to a nearby rental shop near my hotel and rented a bike for a mere $35 for 24 hours. 

I decided to go to the observatory because I knew there was a good view of the Hollywood sign from there. However, I believe that I was over ambitious and I definitely underestimated the elevation that I was dealing with. 

The observatory was a nightmare to get to. By the time I did get there I was a gross sweaty, sunburned mess. The place was also packed so that didn’t help anything. However, I did get my picture and I looked around just a bit. I was surprised to see the fog/smog that covered the city.

On my way back, I briefly stopped at a relative of friends (stranger to me). She was very hospitable and once she saw how sunburned I was she even gave me sunscreen.

Wrong direction dufus

I took the scenic route and rode down Hollywood Blvd. I didn’t see many names I knew, but I did get my picture with Mark Wahlberg’s star on the Walk of Fame. I also rode down Sunset Blvd. And maybe I just was not in the right place on the street, but it looked like crap as well.

Marky Mark

I went swimming for a bit after getting back to my hotel and I also booked a ticket to the Comedy Store. They had this show called the Original Room where they advertise 16 headliners in one night (went from 9p-2a). I personally did not recognize any of the names, but it seemed like a good time.

The show was really funny and while it was dirty, they mostly stayed away from pervertedness and humor I don’t care for, which I much appreciated. I stayed until 12:30a and I was at a point where I could barely keep my eyes open. I Ubered back and hit the hay quickly. 
Today I woke up later than I wanted, so I rushed down the street to get to the nearby laundromat (the only thing I didn’t like about this hotel was no laundry). While doing my laundry, I grabbed breakfast at the diner next to my hotel which was really good.

Now all I have to go do is return the bike and take the bus down to the beach.